Self ordering and marketing system for food trucks, restaurant, pubs and coffee shops

Create loyal customers with a custom dining experience, all while letting your customers pay directly from their device. Get feedback, and market to your customers all on one platform and with no app.

How it works

Let your menu do the talking.

90% of restaurant website visitors go straight to the menu, but most look elsewhere for validation or photos. Combine the two with video and still images in your menu.

Promote Contactless Payment

Avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses, while providing your guests and staff a contactless dining experience. No downloading apps or setting up new hardware!

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Additional Features

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get feedback and ratings

Want to know how your customers feel about your service? We offer a feedback option that makes it easy for your customer to share their experience with you.

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loyalty reward program

Create loyalty rewards to incentify repeat business and promote customer dedication.

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tip that server

Add the ability to have contactless tips for your servers.

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earning points with advertisement

Reward your customers with points by watching a video or giving feedback.

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truely understand your customers

Use the data collecting dashboard to get more information on a per customer basis.

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